Our Differences

We’ve combined over 20 years experience in delivering health and social services into an organisation that is making our state better all round.


 Better for people

We make being healthy easy. With over 300 professionals statewide offering affordable health and community services delivered in a range of easily accessible ways, we’re the people to turn to when you’re not sure where to turn.

 Better for communities

As a registered charity our entire model is built to serve the community. By offering choice in delivery and embedding education in all our services we create long-term change that ultimately builds healthier, happier communities.

 Better for the health system

We build care plans to suit the person. By listening first, our multidisciplinary teams can identify whole solutions and feed the results to their GP, which makes continuity of care easier and ensures no one falls between the cracks.

 Better for the future

Our profits are reinvested back into communities to ensure further growth and embed initiatives that make health self-sustaining.