Diabetes Complex Care Clinic (DCCC)

Diabetes Complex Care Clinic (DCCC)

What is it?

DCCC helps you manage your complex diabetes by providing access to advanced skilled GPs and allied health professionals, including diabetes educators, dietitians and exercise physiologists. The program will help you reach improved clinical outcomes, such as reduced HbA1c, reduced complications and lower BMI. Participants will work with the clinicians to develop an ongoing management plan to be implemented in collaboration with your usual GP.

Who runs the program?

DCCC is led by advanced skilled GPs and supported by a specialist endocrinologist and allied health professionals.

How often does it run?

DCCC is delivered in a weekly clinic, and participants can begin at any time.

Where is it available?

DCCC is run in Cockburn and Kwinana. If you are unavailable to access the clinic please call us on 1300 706 922 for alternatives in your area.

Accessing the program

DCCC is available via GP referral. If you don’t have a GP, please contact us directly. Referral forms can be found under the "For GPs" tab on this website.


Access to DCCC is a bulk bill service. 

Diabetes Complex Care Clinic is provided by 360 Health + Community in partnership with the State Government through the Department of Health WA.