Community Pain Management Program

Community Pain Management Program

What is it?

360's Community Pain Management Program is a specialist service to help you with the management of your chronic pain. It is a two-day workshop with follow up reviews for people over the age of 18 who have experienced chronic pain for over three months. You will receive practical information and advice while working with the facilitators to develop a comprehensive management plan that will be sent back to your GP with recommendations for ongoing treatment.

Who runs the program?

Community Pain Management Program is led by a GP who has been additionally trained in pain management, a physiotherapist and a clinical psychologist.

How often does it run?

Workshops are held every second month, with review appointments held a month later. Contact us for upcoming dates.

​Where is it available?

The workshops are held in Rockingham. Please contact us for information on similar programs in your area.

Accessing the program

Access to Community Pain Management Program is by GP referral. Referral forms can be found under the "For GPs" tab on this website.


The workshop itself costs $30. The follow up review sessions are bulk billed if you have a healthcare or pension card. If you do not, one review session is bulk billed and subsequent sessions attract a $30 gap fee (after rebate).