Butt Out

Butt Out

What is it?

Butt Out can help you stop smoking comfortably with minimal withdrawals by providing ongoing support and advice throughout the quitting process. Held in Esperance, you will benefit from regular spirometry and health assessments as well as exercise sessions where appropriate. Throughout the program you will learn about smoking and quitting methods, understand your triggers and develop a personalised quit plan that considers all facets of your lifestyle. Butt Out can be undertaken in either a group or individual format.

Who runs the program?

Butt Out is led by a registered nurse specialising in tobacco treatment supported by a fitness instructor.

How often does it run?

Butt Out Group is a 12-week program, held once a week in the evening. These run twice a year – March to May and August to October. If a group setting isn’t for you or there isn’t a program coming up you can participate in Butt Out Individual, which runs for 6 weeks and can begin at any time.

Where is it available?

Butt Out is held at the Esperance Business Centre Arcade.

Accessing the program

Butt Out can be accessed by GP referral or self referral, but the group program requires signoff from a GP due to the exercise component. To obtain some quitting medication, a prescription is required. Referral forms can be found under the "For GPs" tab on this website.


There is no cost to access the Butt Out program.