Aged Care

Aged Care

What is it?

360’s aged care services aim to improve the health of those living in residential aged care facilities while educating staff and health professionals on the services available to the aged population. Through the provision of aged care services such as dietetics and speech pathology as well as resources for awareness and care, we can help reduce ED presentations and increase knowledge on the management of residents’ health.

Who runs the program?

Aged care services are delivered by dietitians and speech pathologists.

How often does it run?

Aged care services are delivered year round depending on residents’ requirements.

Where is it available?

Our aged care services are run in various residential aged care facilities in the Perth central and east metro area. Call us for locations or information on your facility accessing the services.

Accessing the program

You can access our aged care services by referral from a registered nurse or GP in the facilities. Referral forms can be found under the "For GPs" tab on this website.


There is no cost to access the aged care services.