Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) - Suicide Prevention

Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) - Suicide Prevention

What is it?

ATAPS - Suicide Prevention aims to decrease the incidence of suicide and self-harm behaviour in the community by providing a safe, non-judgemental support service if you are at risk. The program provides up to eight weeks of psychological support as needed, with the aim to further link you into ongoing counselling services and programs where appropriate.

Who runs the program?

ATAPS is delivered by registered Mental Health Clinicians with training in suicide prevention.

How often does it run?

ATAPS - Suicide Prevention is available whenever required.

Where is it available?

ATAPS – Suicide Prevention is delivered in the Perth south metro area, as well as Goldfields and Midwest regions. Call us on 1300 706 922 for ATAPS and mind care services in your area.

Accessing the program

ATAPS - Suicide Prevention requires a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or hospital emergency department. Referral forms can be found under the "For GPs" tab on this website.


Suicide prevention sessions are delivered free of charge.